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Create A Stunning Focal Point With Soothing Water Sounds In Your Garden Or On Your Patio With Water Feature Kits From Cambridge!

Fountain Instruction Details

Cambridge Water Feature With 3 Fountains

  • Choice Of 2 Styles (An Illuminated Set Of 3 Color Changing Vases In 18", 24" & 32" Heights Shown Above Or 3 Basalt Columns In 16", 22" & 30" Heights Shown Below)
  • Can Be Installed Into A Cambridge Patio Or Anywhere In Your Landscape Design
  • LED Light Ring Illuminates The 3 Vases; Select One Light Color Or Run All 16 Sequentially By Remote Control
  • Complete With A 46" Basin, Pump, Hardware & Instructions
Cambridge Water Feature With 3 Fountains
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