Pavingstones Sold. Over 2 Billion!


Cambridge Eternal Flame

"Chill-out" with one of the "hottest" trends in backyard amenities with this long, linear, gas-burning insert that is reminiscent of those found at a favorite restaurant, lounge or lodge setting. Sold separately. Your choice...

  • Build one or more into in any custom Cambridge Wall System
  • Situate in an enclosure of Cambridge Wallstones as a stand-alone element
  • Available in Natural gas or Liquid propane

Cambridge Eternal Flame

Cambridge Evolution 360

A true fire on water attraction for your backyard retreat. Combining the best of both worlds- the calming sound of a water feature with the lighting and warmth of a firepit.

  • Patent pending burner design with backflow prevention
  • Patent pending burner design (65,000 BTU flame)
  • Remote control with auto relight, filtration, pump and level adjustment
  • Size: 53" inside, 68" outside, 19" height (wallstone), 28" height (fountain)
  • Available in Natural gas or Liquid propane
  • Color: Shown in Ledgestone Wall Bluestone with Ledgestone Cast Stone Cap Bluestone. This product is available as special order only.

Cambridge H2OnFire
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